Zeffi Devi

I met Zeffi about ten years ago. I was already on a research path having accomplished a yoga 4 years formation .I met her by chance through a good friend of mine on a Greek island. Better, she was put on my path at the right time! She immediately appeared to me as a strong and very powerful woman. The day after I had a session with her and there I felt her beautiful, strong but motherly energy. From that very moment I felt that this was what I needed for my transformation and growth. She conducted seminars in my country where in the meantime a small group of international friends decided to follow her, in person or through Skype calls. Through meditations and regular sessions, my awareness and empowerment as a woman increased .She taught me how to feel my roots,how to master my energies and how to be self confident and loving towards myself and all creatures. She is a true Shakti with a generous ,devoted heart . Thank you dear Zeffi for your serious work. I keep it as a treasure within myself.

~ E.Z.