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Ancient Healing Academy

Nestled in the heart of Sedona’s majestic red rocks, the Ancient Healing Academy® it was created to offer in-depth esoteric and metaphysical studies based on the traditions of the ancient mystery schools.

The Academy recognizes the spiritual self in each of us and encourages full, active participation and a deeper union with the divine in your everyday life, as well as serving as a center of self-improvement and spiritual growth.

Our staff of internationally known mystics and wise women are dedicated to teaching cultural and spiritual understanding of all modalities, as they guide our students to discover and develop their spiritual gifts and abilities, and move toward self-healing and oneness with the divine. We believe that each soul has his/her own very unique relationship with the divine — which should be nurtured and explored in whatever form he/she has come to know the divine in this life.

The Ancient Healing Academy® was established as a mystery school of higher consciousness whose aim is to reawaken the ancient ancestral memories held within our bones and is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practioners (AADP). Our graduates will be eligible to be board-certified holistic health practioners by AADP.

It is a participatory, hands-on Academy that encompasses many healing modalities under one roof. The Academy offers a unique and rich experience taught by elders who carry this ancient wisdom and have many years of experience. During the 3 year course the student can expect an expansion of consciousness. Year One is a year of initiation. Year Two the student becomes a Practitioner of a chosen healing specialty and Year Three is when the student becomes the Master, fully utilizing their chosen healing craft.

All of us have ancient knowledge inside of us that has been passed down through the centuries through our consciousness, our DNA, and our shared human experience. Ancient Healing Academy aims to ignite this divine wisdom that lives within us and channel it to bring healing on every plane – body, mind, and spirit. Each of us has within us the power to access this ancient knowing, utilize it, and share it with others to transform our world. Ancient Healing Academy® strives to reclaim the ancient principles that have been obscured by modern attempts to deny the power of the creative.

Are you ready to go deeper?

What you receive in your commitment to us :

  • You will learn to work with you and the ancient divination tools .
  • You will experience great shifts in your personal luminous field through ancient pranayama practice.
  • Access the dimensions of the chakras opening you to states of awareness.
  • You will learn the art of tapping .
  • Instruction and wisdom from a faculty of wise women initiated into a variety of mystery schools and ancient ways
  • An interactive journey in physical , emotional , mental and spiritual modalities .
  • Access to methods that will enhance and accelerate your path to higher consciousnesses
  • Accreditation and certification in a diverse program of healing specialties .
  • If you are a healer we’ll take you to the next level, and you will be able it put all your gifts in one diploma.
  • You can lead others to go as far as they can.
  • You will embody leadership skills so you can meet the need of the students.
  • You will learn specific practice to harmonize the tools that you already have with ones that you are going to receive from your teachers.
  • All of these gifts and more are open to you , are you ready to answer the call?

Ancient Healing Academy Enrollment

  • Registration is now open for the flagship enrollment of the Ancient Healing Academy.
  • This academy is a 3 year program for the initiate who would like to learn through the art of ancient oral tradition.
  • This study is hands on learning from Wise Women who have been on the path of healing themselves and healing others.
  • We are dedicated to pass this knowledge on.
  • This is a hands on instruction for living your highest self.
  • You are like no other.
  • We do not adhere to a mold of what a fully realized being should be.
  • You will learn through your own self discovery.
  • You will be supported in discovering your own personal gifts.
  • Be ready to heal not only yourself, but to heal others through these gifts.

Each Semester:

  • 12 sessions per Instructor
  • 13th Session Practical Exam (mandatory for certification)Friday Zeffi – 10:00am AZT
  • The Ancient Healing Academy is taught in the oral tradition as well as in person (via zoom) participation for your certification.
  • We all understand that life can be unpredictable. A student must attend no less than 10 sessions and the Practical Exam. Any session missed must be by excuse. Accommodations for a missed session will be made with your Teacher.
  • Ancient Healing Academy wants all attending students to come away with the confidence and practical tools needed to create a healing modality unique to themselves. 
  • Once a month there will be  a zoom call with all teachers and students for open discussions.  We can limit it to an hour. Its a great time to share how all teaching work together.

Founder & Director

Zeffi Devi

Zeffi Devi 

Zeffi was born and raised in Athens, Greece. A lifetime of study of the Mystery Schools, the True Yogini path, Tantric Buddhism, and Native American teachings, and her exploration of all of these techniques through her life experience have all contributed to her path as a healer. Zeffi is the Founder of the Online School Of Ancient Healing Academy, and has been working with men, women and couples from all over the world, helping them to tap into their inner power, beauty and wisdom, truth and intimacy, confidence, clarity and mystery to their lives. Her intuitive spiritual counseling, medical intuitive and healing gifts and workshops will assist you on your path to discovering and awakening to your True Self.

Website: https://zeffidevi.com/

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