Zeffi Devi

Temple of the living Goddess

8 Months Online Program

Join us for this transformational online 8 months program and learn how to embody the Goddess Path and enter the Temple of your Divine Feminine Self.


Connect with your Ancestral Power and Clear Your Shadow Self.

Awaken the Great Mother and Reclaim Your Womb.

Embrace Your Warrior Woman and Stand in Your Power.

Open Your Heart and Experience Unconditional Self Love .

Bridge the Gap Between Your Wisdom and Your Soul .

Walk Your Priestess Path .

Embody your True Goddess Self .

Enter the Sacred Temple Of the Living Goddess.

What's Included

In this Workshop You Will

Points to be noted

  • Since this is a path to awakening where you will be certified, commitment to this course is highly prioritized.
  • Zoom meetings will not be recorded and sent to you at a time that suits your needs. 
  • Each course follows the sacred oral transmission of teachings.
  • Notations can only be shared by participants of this course. Participants need to be prepared to devote themselves.
  • If you are dedicated to this life’s purpose then the following eight months, the sacred teaching is for you.

€108 per month.

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