Zeffi Devi

I have been known Zeffi Devi for about the last 20 years! Even though meditation was an everyday practice and familiar aspect in my life since my early 20s (transcendental meditation, Raja yoga etc.), I realised that by being initiated via Zeffi in Reiki, and implementing and practicing it in my life that became an effective blessed turning point for my onward spiritual progress. Yes, admittedly, Zeffi was a blessed landmark in my life. I am proud to declare that I am one of her students (even though it sounds strange for a professor in science to advocate such a statement).

Zeffi accepted me as a student regardless of my difficult and arrogant character, because of her unconditional love, compassion, perseverance, and her deeper insight she has and constantly maintains as an inspired therapist and reiki master. Looking back in my sessions with her, I must say that I have been gratefully benefitted a lot and in various ways, not only bodily and consciously, but also in an invaluable deeper psychic and karmic level. Many pages would be required to account for only some of the benefits that I can remember and I have acquired.

Generally, my interaction with Zeffi during the last couple of decades made me realize the sacred importance and role of the divine feminine energy in the world, and therefore taught me to have respect and appreciation for that. This is because Zeffi is the embodiment/carrier of the Isis and Magdalene feminine energy.

I am therefore thankful to my Almighty Creator; and I am especially grateful to Zeffi for being and keeping me under her wings to help me carry out and hopefully achieve my pre-destined goals in this timeline.

~ Prof. Dr. E. Lagios