The Temple of the Living Goddess

Zeffi Devi  has been studying the Goddess within herself under the guidance of highly evolved masters for the past twenty years. Many of the elements you will experience in the workshop are from India. India's rich spiritual heritage offers many techniques and practices that can easily connect you to a deep understanding of the Goddess and Shakti Energy.

Workshop: This workshop and retreat is designed for women from all walks of life, ready to expand their spiritual acknowledge and experience. It is a seven day intensive retreat with days and evenings filled with practices, beginning with integrative lectures with Zeffi for body, mind and spirit so you can experience greater self-awareness. This will open your sensual energy; the awareness of your inner-power, recognizing your inner-Feminine and inner-Masculine, as well as your intuition, to understand yourself and others. Other certified therapists from Sedona and around the world provide Ayurvedic treatments, kundalini yoga, movement therapy, medicinal aromatherapy treatment, sound healing, meditative Shakti dance workshop and many more elements, including the opportunity to purchase a goddess self-portrait and a vedic astrology reading. Be ready to experience your True Self!

 Workshops are offered in Sedona, Arizona and internationally.

Connecting with the Ascended Masters

In ancient times during and after the fall of Atlantis, Mystery Schools were created in order to provide a path to self-realization for those souls who sought to remember their Divine Origin. All humanity is now experiencing global initiation, and the call of Spirit has been awakening many of us to remembering ourselves as spiritual beings. Although the Mystery schools no longer exist on the physical plane, they are within us, our souls, our spirits. The Ascended Masters, who originated from the Mystery Schools, are with us every day, every moment, with every step we take. They are our teachers that help us remember our True Selves.

Workshop: This workshop is designed in a simple but constructive way to understand our connection to the Ascended Masters so that we can access, cultivate, and live the lives we were born to lead — paving the way for greater growth and fulfillment.

The workshop covers the following points:

• Who are the Ascended Masters and what do they mean to us?

• Can we communicate with them through simple, but powerful meditations and symbols that will help us to connect with our DNA and therefore gain a greater understanding of who we are and what we are here to do?

• How can we use their knowledge in the best way for humanity and ourselves? How can we exist in harmony with the Ascended Masters in our everyday lives while staying grounded and realizing the universal truths for ourselves?

Testimonial: This seminar was very enlightening. I was actually connected to the 12 Ascended Masters and learned each of their divine attributes. In my daily life, I call upon them whenever I need their help. The are awesome! My life is more joyful than ever before. -- P. Burroughs, Sedona, Arizona USA

Workshops are offered in Sedona, Arizona and internationally.

Integrating Mind, Body, & Spirit

All of humanity is experiencing greater self-awareness, and the cry of Spirit has been calling many of us to remember our true selves. Our formal education and culture have not prepared us for life as spiritual beings; however, ancient teachings combined with contemporary methods can guide us along our paths. We intuitively know when aspects of our lives are in place and when they are not, but often we are unaware, confused by, or do not connect the numerous signs presented to us every day. Our attitudes about work, love, relationships, and community, and the state of our physical health and energy level convey valuable information about our spiritual well being.

Workshop: The Mind, Body and Spirit Integration workshop is designed in a simple way to understand the interrelationships between our spirit, mind and body. The format includes discussion and meditation techniques and is suitable for people who are either aware and consciously evolving or for those beginning their path.

The workshop covers the following points:

  • What are our energy centers, or chakras, and what do they mean to us?

  • How do we lose energy? What steps can we take to rejuvenate and sustain our energy?

  • What do illness, aches, and pains tell us? How can we heal ourselves?

  • What do our dreams tell us?

  • How do we differentiate between fear and a helpful sign?

  • How do we discren the voice of our ego from the voice of our spirit?

  • How can we further develop and trust our intuition?

  • How can we find peace and stay grounded as we negotiate life's many challenges?

Workshops are offered in Sedona, Arizona and internationally.

Chakra Energy Transfer Therapy

This workshop creates a powerful set of tools for medical professionals and others involved in the healing arts to work with their patients. This seminar has been given in Europe for the past year and a half and is now offered in the United States.

Workshop: This is an 10 day intensive. The workshop covers the chakra system in-depth, from illnesses, emotional states, individual birth characteristics & herbal remedies, to intuitive diagnosis behind each chakra.

Workshops are offered in Sedona, Arizona and internationally.

Crystal Therapy

The Atlantean civilization possessed great knowledge on the use of crystals and minerals. In modern times, just as diamonds are used for industrial purposes, quartz for computers and timepieces, people have learned how to apply the great wisdom of gemstones for healing and clearing of the body.

Zeffii Kefala's Crystal Therapy workshop teaches the principle that crystals work as antennas, taking and receiving energy and balancing the body through synergistic vibrations. Crystals can clear energetic fields and connect to our spirit and physical health. This workshop is designed to thoroughly familiarize the student with crystals and their uses, ranging from the attributes of gemstones and their uses to the application of specific stones in the different chakras areas for specific ailments.

The Crystal Therapy workshop covers the following points:

  • The attributes of each crystal and its particular application;

  • Using your intuition with crystals to understand their individual benefits and finding which ones are beneficial to us;

  • Therapies and techniques that we can use on ourselves and other.

Workshops are offered in Sedona, Arizona and internationally.