Releasing Old Patterns

Recently I shared on my youtube zeffi devi into the meaning of the energies we are going through.  That same process is still ongoing through the end of June, now via the positions of the planets ( June 12th through June 15th ).  I spoke about a “squeezing” experience – that we are being squeezed and pushed through old patterns, old situations, and beyond things that don’t serve us anymore.  It is important to let those things go.  All of this is to get to our spiritual Self, which is able to move through life with ease and grace.( )

During this time, I feel it is very important to continue supporting each other, through any ways we can – whether it be simply listening to someone, or opening our hearts and really looking at ourselves deeply so we can expand that to others- surrendering and not judging.  Allow others their process.  Note that what they bring in front of you is also a part of yourself.  And we are going to have to make choices out of these experiences.

Take for example a relationship or a situation at a crossroads:  Do you want to stay in it if doesn’t serve you?  Can you take personal responsibility and say to another person, “this is actually about me, this is how I feel, and it is not a judgment or a projection onto you”?  It’s about taking responsibility in our relationships, and taking responsibility for ourselves – if something doesn’t serve us, can we move out of it as fast as we can, or do we prolong it?

We judge everything from our old experiences, which have created patterns and belief systems, and this creates expectations.  It is very important for us to get to know that.

So just remember in the next month, from now until July, that this is what’s getting squeezed out of us- old expectations, old patterns, old paradigm.  We need to surrender those old habits. We’re steel being squeezed between planets.  So whatever the feelings you had then are likely to reoccur for the next month.  After that we should start feeling a little lighter.

I am in Greece right now till mid July . From 20th of May till 30th of May I’m travelling to south of France to connect with the Divine Feminine Mary Magdalene . Stay tune for more information and experience from the Divine Feminine .


The Goddess Lakshmi

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The next new moon November 6th is upon us , and will mark the celebration for the Goddess Lakshmi.

“Being allowed to participate in this act of adoration showed me that this is the Goddess of us all. She is all women and in her we can find the divinity within ourselves.”

From October 9th to October 19th, the Goddess Durga leads us into the next celebration called “Diwali” which is the Festival of Lights held in India. The Goddess Lakshmi will descend upon the Earth and banish the darkness of poverty, stagnation, anger and laziness. It is believed that she only blesses the houses that are clean and where hard-working people reside. She is also accompanied by her owl on this night especially, to take her into the darker corners of the world to bring in the light.

The Goddess is worshipped to acquire or to preserve wealth of all kinds, bringing us to her eight aspects:

Adi Lakshmi which is her primary manifestation;
Dhanya Lakshmi, for granary wealth;
Dhairya Lakshmi, for wealth in courage;
Gaja Lakshmi, shown with elephants which represent wealth;
Santana Lakshmi, for wealth of continuity;
Viyaja Lakshmi, for wealth of victory;
Vidya Lakshmi, for wealth of knowledge and education;
and Dhana Lakshmi, for monetary wealth.

As you can probably see, this is a very special and powerful time occuring right now! It is important for all of us to “clean house” and be ready for the opportunities that are coming our way, if not already before us. We just need to open ourselves to receiving that which is rightfully ours. Think about what it is you want. Think of Goddess Lakshmi and pray to her for the abundance you seek.

With that, we will close this time with a meditation to help you focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere for the Goddess Lakshmi.

On November 6 th, using the picture of Lakshmi here, which you can print, make a small altar on a red cloth. Put a small cup of purified water, red flowers and light a green candle. Play some music that you like or chants, and visualize the picture of Lakshmi becoming you. Let her come into you, and sit in that form quietly for as long as you can. Twenty minutes would be great. When you finish, drink the water and let the candle burn for as long as you are comfortable with it. Purchasing a green “prayer” candle in a glass container is a safer way to keep the light burning.

Hopefully, this meditation will bring to you the spiritual wealth you desire in all aspects of your life.




In all those temples Zeffi was busy everyday by offering her pujas. Several people from all around the world, from different religions, ages and sex, had asked her to do the ceremony and say some prays for their own good or their beloveds. Devoted to her mission and with great discipline, even the most difficult days (the ones she was working on her personal spiritual growth) she was following tireless the procedure. There and when the distance from one place to the other was allowing me to ask her some questions, we were talking about Tantra:

   “Wrongly in western world Tantra is connected with sex” Zeffi said. “It is an approach that misrepresents the real meaning. Our Yoni is not only a sex organ. It is the organ that we give birth to the world. In India, Yoni represents the Universe and truly it is the organ with the most powerful life-forcing energy there is on the planet. Unfortunately, people use it only for sex. Imagine if you could learn how to use that internal fire of you for your own Enlightenment.

In yoga we know that this fire is located at the base of our spine. It is called Kundalini. As knowledge forgotten (or secret for many) for thousands of years, nowadays more and more people learn how to activate it. With deep meditation and secret high tantric techniques, we come closer to that source. It takes many years of practicing and having a teacher here is essential. It is not possible to achieve this knowledge in a “three days course”, by watching a video or by reading a book… Real Tantra takes years of practicing and has nothing to do with sex”. And she continued: “We already talked about the Red color you see everywhere around you. We said that represents the root chakra, the blood of menstruation and the fire that activates the energy inside of us. By wearing Red in Maa-Kamakhya, Priests activate that energy in every aspect of our lives. No matter if you are a priest or a pilgrim, a Hindu or a Christian, a man or a woman, that Red color reminds you of the activation you agreed to participate. And by activating the energy, you become the God and the Goddess inside of you”.

  Finally, Zeffi talked to me about Shiva and his role in all of this. “You asked me yesterday why there is a Shiva temple on a hill that is dedicated to the Goddess and all her aspects. You had this question also the other day when we went to that Shiva temple in the island inside the river Brahmaputra. Well, Shiva loved Sati like anything in the world. By loosing her, he lost his mind (which means he became unbalanced, right?). Shiva almost destroyed what had been building for millions of years before. Alex, wherever there is a Goddess there is always a God to love her and to protect her. If you noticed, that temple in Brahmaputra looks towards the hill. His role is to remind her “I will always be here for you”. Of course female energy is very powerful but it means nothing without her other equal, the male energy. You always need a lingam to activate the fire inside a yoni. The two parts complete the Divine Union and like this they bring balance in the Universe. And just because inside every human being, there are these two parts asking always for balance, this is what we believe in Tantra:

 Bring in balance the man and the woman inside of you and achieve the Enlightenment you search”. 

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