“I first met Zeffi through Skype when 8 years ago she was connected with us in Greece from her house in Sedona, USA. I was new in her team and that period I was struggling with some emotional issues. I was accusing the others for all my problems in life but soon with her help I realize how un-worked and disconnected I was from my higher self. The next years I became a master in Reiki-healing, I received many initiations (The gold Cobra, the Tree of Life, the Ascension Masters, the Chakras, the Inner-Child and more). Also I had the chance to meet her Rinpoche Za from Tibet and take the initiation of the powerful Medicine-Buddha and I traveled with her to France to meet his Holiness Dalai Lama and to India in the Maa-Kamakhya temple where I started with great joy my journey into the sacred and secret paths of tantric yoga.  Thanks to her I met incredible people, I became a better person, I achieve my everyday goals with success and I am looking towards the future with confidence and joy.”

Alexandros Moridis